The Infinite GOD Speaking With Simplicity, Majesty, And Authority

img820The scheme of doctrine and morality contained in the Bible, is so exalted, pure, and benevolent, that GOD alone could either devise or appoint it.

The infinite GOD is introduced as speaking in a manner worthy of Himself, with simplicity, majesty, and authority.

His character, as there delineated, comprises all possible excellence, without any intermixture; His laws and ordinances accord with His perfections; His works and dispensations exhibit them; and all His dealings with His creatures bear the stamp of infinite wisdom, power, justice, purity, truth, goodness, and mercy, harmoniously displayed.

While the Supreme Being is thus described as possessed of every perfection unbounded and incomprehensible in His essence and nature, and as the Creator, Governor, and Benefactor of His creatures, the Scriptures represent man in a lapsed state, a rebellious and fallen being, alienated from GOD and goodness, averse by nature to all that is good and amiable, and prone to every thing that is sinful and hateful, and consequently exposed to the eternal wrath of GOD.

The Scriptures, however, do not leave us in this wretched state; but they propose an adequate remedy for all our diseases, and an ample supply for all our wants.

They show us how to be delivered from the dominion and awful consequences of sin, and how human nature may be truly improved and perfected, through the obedience, death, and mediation of the only begotten Son of GOD, by receiving Him as made of GOD unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption- as an effectual root and principle of holiness; and by walking in Him by faith, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, and living soberly, righteously, and godly in the present world, setting our affections on things above, where Christ is, and mortifying, through the Holy Spirit, every sinful and corrupt affection.

We are taught to love the LORD our GOD with all our heart and all our soul, to love our neighbors as ourselves; to fulfill perfectly the particular duties of every relative station, to lay aside all malice, envy, hatred, revenge, and other malevolent disposition or passions; to love our enemies; to render good for evil, blessing for cursing; and to pray for them who desperately use us.

These laws of universal purity and benevolence are prescribed with authority proper only to GOD, and extended to such a compass and degree as GOD alone can demand; and those sins are forbidden which GOD alone can demand; either observe or prohibit.

The most powerful motives to duty and dissuasives from vice, are widely proposed and powerfully urged; motives drawn from the nature and perfections, the promises and thinking, the mercies and judgments of GOD, particularly from His overflowing benevolence and mercy in the work of our redemption, and from advantages and disadvantages temporal, spiritual, and eternal.

And, while the most excellent means of directing and exciting to the exercise of piety and virtue are established in the most excellent forms and authoritative manner, the most perfect and engaging patterns of holiness and virtue are set before us in the example of our Redeemer and of GOD as reconciled to Him, and reconciling the world to Himself.

Now, all these things were written at a time when all the rest of the world, even the wisest, and most learned, and most celebrated nations of the earth, were sunk in the grossest ignorance of GOD and religion; were worshipping idols and brute beasts, indulging themselves in the most abominable vices, living in envy, hatred, and strife, hateful and hating one another.

It is a most singular circumstance, that a people in a remote, obscure corner of the world, far inferior to several heathen nations in learning, in philosophy, in genius, in science, and in all polite arts, should yet be so infinitely superiors in their ideas of a Supreme Being, and of every thing relative to morality and religion.

This cannot be accounted for on any other supposition than that of having been instructed in these things by GOD Himself, or by persons commissioned and inspired by Him; that is, of their having been really favored with those Divine revelations which are recorded in the sacred books of the Old and New Testaments.

To what cause, then, can we attribute the success which has attended Christianity in the absence of every thing else to recommend or enforce it, but to an Almighty influence accompanying the preaching of the Gospel- to its being preached with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven?

And is not this one of the strongest possible attestations made by the GOD of truth Himself, to the truth and Divine inspirations of the Sacred volume?

Praise the LORD




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