Divine Revelation

img822John 1:1

In the beginning the Word already existed; the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD.

The Scriptures are the Word of GOD, written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The harmony of the sacred writers fully demonstrates that they wrote by the inspirations of the Spirit of GOD.

The extraordinary success which has attended Christianity, which is founded on the Sacred Scriptures, while it proves the truth of the facts which they detail, and demonstrates the fulfilment of the prophecies they contain, is a continued miraculous proof of their divine origin.

Its founder was put to an ignominious death by the common consent of His countrymen; its original promulgators were twelve illiterate men, wholly devoid of every kind of worldly influence; its doctrines were opposed to the principles and practices of the whole world, deeply rooted by inclination, and firmly established by extensive custom, by long confirmed laws, and by the high and universal authority of nations.

Yet, by the simple preaching of the Gospel, Christianity triumphed over the craft, rage, and power of the infuriated Jews- over the haughtiness, policy, and power of the Roman Empire,- over the pride of learning, and the obstinacy of ignorance, hatred, prejudice, and lust,- over the hardened inclinations, deep-rooted customs, and long-established laws of both Jews and Pagans,- so that, notwithstanding every conceivable form of opposition, within a few years after Christ’s ascension, it prevailed, in a greater or less degree, in almost all corner of the Roman empire, and in the countries adjacent; and multitudes, at the hazard of every temporal loss or punishment, readily believed, constantly adhered to, and cheerfully and strictly practiced its pure and holy percepts.

It has been more or less successful in reforming the hearts and lives of multitudes in almost every nation under heaven; and we may assert, that even at present, there are many thousands, who have been reclaimed from a profane and immoral course of conduct, to sobriety, equity, truth, purity, and piety, and to an exemplary behavior in the relative duties of life.  Having been made free from sin, and become the servants of GOD, they have their fruit unto holiness; and after patiently continuing in well-doing, and cheerfully bearing various afflictions, they joyfully meet death, being supported by the hope of eternal life, as the gift of GOD through Jesus Christ; while they who are best acquainted with them, are most convinced, that they have been rendered more wise, holy, and happy, by believing the Bible; and that there is reality in religion, though various interests and passions may keep them from duly embracing it.

Murders,wars, slavery, cruel oppressions, rapine, fraud and unrestrained licentiousness, would no more desolate the earth, nor fill it with misery, nor would bitter contentions ever more destroy domestic comfort; but righteousness, goodness, and truth, would bless the world with a felicity far exceeding all our present conceptions.

Such has been the extraordinary success and happy effects of the religion of the Bible; and such is doubtless the direct and legitimate tendency of its doctrines, precepts, motives, and promises.

He that believeth hath the witness in himself.


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