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“N.R.Juanillo’s book depicts real characters that bring the
story of her homeland the Philippines alive.

You travel back in time as early as 23,000 BC to 15l9 AD
reading of the early Filipino and the influences that
shaped them.  Moving forward, there is established trade
between the Chinese and the Philippines during the eighth
or ninth century. Other influences from Hindu and Indian
origin formulated many of the Filipino traditions, religious
concepts and artistic elements.  They were not a people
without myths and Ms. Juanillo gives us insight to a few.

Her story is not without plot.  It thickens with the Filipino’S resistance towards a movment to colonize the
country.  They stand their ground and wage Asia’s first
nationalist revolution in l896 against the Spanish conquistadores.

You journey with her through the Spanish-American War that saw independence proclaimed on June 12, l898 and the raising of the Philippine National Flag for the first time.  Although short-lived by two months, Ms. Juanillo brings in key characters to create tension in upcoming events that trigger the Philippine-American War from l899-1902.  Terrietorial ownership was now the prize.

On the sidelines with her, you become aware of the sacrifices made because of religious and political beliefs.  Heroes and villains are strongly woven throughout their early history.  In her writing, you feel the compassion for those who died for independence and a constitutional government.” – Irma Frakes, Writer, Intern,

“Before reading: “They Came, They Saw, They Stayed,” I knew little about the Philippines other than their World War II significance and some of what Ferdinand Marcos did during his term as president.  I did not know that this archipelago of over 7,000 islands had a culture that combined the influences of east and west, Spain and America, and Islam and Christianity.

Years after leaving her home in the Philippines for the United States, N.R. Juanillo wrote about her former homeland in part to answer questions posed to her repeatedly by Americans.  Her historical summary begins thousands of years ago and brings reader up to 2007, conveying the love she has for both her native and adoptive homes while acknowledging that some parties acted less than honorably along the way.  The Philippines are far more than a place where fierce World War II battles were fought and where Imelda Marcos kept all those shoes.  They are home to a rich, proud, unique culture.” – Janet Hartman, Carteret Writers Organization,

“In “They Came, They Saw, They Stayed,” N.R. Juanillo transforms the Philippines,a former strategic U.S. territory, into the unique country it is and always was.

She achieves this by fusing a detailed history of her native country’s broad diversity, with heartfelt side bars and anecdotal information.  Compiled chronologically she attempts to tell all sides of the complex story of the Philippines.

Her own journey and success here is inspiring.

“They Came, They Saw, They Stayed,” equals that inspiration
by providing a handy reference guide to an archipelago of more than 7000 islands, the Philippines.” – Brian Coss, Emerald, Isle, NC