Simple Steps To Better Connect To And Relate To Your Man

There are 3 Simple Steps to help yourself better connect to and relate to the man you’re with:

1. Present Mind/Grounding Stage
Take all your opinions, judgments, and expectations about the
person and the situation in question and allow them to escape
from your mind.

2. Understanding Stage
Spend several minutes understanding the person in question
by thinking about their opinions, judgments, and expectations.
Then ask yourself the following questions:
– what is important to them? (friends, work, adventure,
– what do they like and dislike? (dislike boredom, likes
mountain biking, travel, being with friends)
– what do they want from me? (want me to be happy and
get along with him and enjoy life)

3. Feeling stage
Step into the person in question. Assume you are him/them,
and close your eyes and start to imagine and take on all their
opinions, feelings, judgments, and expectations about the
situation in question.

Then ask yourself the 3 questions as you are him:
-How does this make me feel and react?
-What do I care about most?/What are these for him?
-What do I disagree with or dislike in the situation?

Ability to empathize. Women consistently see two perspectives and do this naturally in their own mind and in their relationship.

You might simply call this being considerate and thoughtful when it’s done in a quick and subtle way. And men love this experience when a woman can sit with her feelings and share them, but also stay open to what his thoughts and feelings are.

Getting What You Give

3 Ways to Respond to a Man
You are responsible for choosing and living the life you live. No one else.

Approach #1 The Logical Approach
This approach is not based on how you and a man communicate and act with each other, but a thoughtful analysis of what he tells you. You base your judgment purely on logic.

Approach #2 The Emotional Approach
You interact based on how the situation makes you feel. You used your feelings and emotions to make sense of the situation to determine what it means to you and how to respond.

Approach #3 The Intuitive Approach
This is dynamic, balanced blend of all your senses. You take all the information available to you from both your “rational mind” and your “emotional mind.”

This approach is the one used by women who are most successful at attracting and building lasting and enjoyable relationships with men.

This approach transcends the ability to see, feel and hear what’s going on. It’s a balanced approach of love, acceptance, logic, observation, experience, perspective, and emotional perception.

2 Most Common blocks to using your natural intuition to bring more love, connection, and understanding between you and a man:

Block #1 The False Beliefs you’ve “wired up” in your head.

Block #2 The Intense Desire to have a relationship, or a specific situation work out exactly the way you want.

In essence, Block #2 is a fight against the way life itself is unfolding.


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