Behaviors And Personality Traits That Attracts

Sense of Humor- Being funny and witty keeps any situation alive and escalating.

Intelligence and creativity – makes one interesting and charming.

Thoughtfulness- a simple way of showing you think about the person and that he/she is on your mind.

Perceptive or noticing details-everybody love to be noticed. It makes one feel unique.

Adventurous-doing or taking part in an activity that is unusual or exciting with another person create a bond and feeling of closeness.

Confident/Playful- this is like a magnet…magical in anyone’s eyes.

Talents and Knowledge – bringing out your expertise in a surprising way can be really attractive.

Attention-actions speak louder than words but hearing you say it is always music to one’s ears.

Being a challenge – makes one interesting not boring.

Aggressiveness – go after something but don’t be frustrated or stressed.

Assertive – learn how to make things happen in any social situation. It is refreshing and intriguing.

Unpredictable/Predictable – practice both and you will always be attractive.

It is nice for a man and a woman being equal but if one or the other sees one being higher, the attraction intensified.



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