The Benefits of Dancing

Dance is a part of every culture, from primitive fertility rites to debutante balls. And people are doing more everyday dancing too. With so many dances, how to choose the best step for you? Here are some guidelines.

For strength and control, try ballet. It’s disciplined, structured and can help you get in touch with your body.

For shaping up, your best bets are belly dancing, dancercise or anything with continuous aerobic movement that uses lots of muscle groups.

For self-expression, jazz and modern dance are earthy and will help you feel emotionally balanced.

For socializing, ballroom dances-from the rumba to the foxtrot-glamorous, graceful ways to hold someone close. If square dancing or folk dancing is more your style,you’re bound to find lots of people contact with little pressure. Because you come to dance, you’re not under pressure to initiate a romance. You release and have a good time. If perchance you find romance, that’s a fringe benefit.

For lettng yourself go, head for a place with a live band or a great juke box. Imitate what others are doing or invent your own dance.

Dancing can keep you healthy in other ways too.

It keeps you fit. Dancing can keep you limber and put roses in your cheeks and sparkle in your eyes. You might even shed a few pounds.

You expereience increased respiration and circulation, deep breathing, a fresh supply of blood and oxygen to organ systems, improved metabolism and digestive systems and better neuromuscular coordination.

It lifts your spirit. When you focus on moving your body, the troubles in your head slip away.

Dance therapy is based on the theory that moving the body can sometimes help people express and work out troubling feelings better than words.

When you are down and out, just moving helps. Your stress will be reduced.

Your body becomes your friend. Dancing can help you learn to like the way your body moves. You see your body not as a focus of problems but as a source of satisfaction. You increase your body awareness. You become sure-footed and free of fear of falling. You may soon find yourself trying other kinds of movement.

It makes you feel young. Movement is the essence and secret of healthier, happier aging. Dance can keep you up and about, independent and happy. Square dancing, for example, forces you to listen and respond to a caller’s commands; it forces you to interact with the outside world. Physically, it’s excellent, and mentally, you’ve got to be alert because you’re always listening to the caller.

It brings people together. It feels very good to be dancing and moving and looking at smiling faces. When you hold hands, you feel the energy of others, an appreciation of culture, a natural urge to be in harmony.

If you can walk, you can dance. If your dancing feet are a bit rusty, try this:

Practice solo dancing. Put on your favorite music, close your eyes and go with the rhythm-just like you did when you were a toddler. Try tossing a few scarves or balloons around. They’re great dance inspirations.

Join dance class. Look for instructors who pay attention to how movement feels, include warm-ups and cool-downs and have a well-ventilated room with inspiring music.

If you’d rather kick up your heels than put them up,try one of the several dance getaways offered in your area.


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