Life In All Its Fullness

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

Everything that happens in this world happens at the time GOD chooses.

He sets the time for birth and the time for death, the time for planting and the time for pulling up, the time for killing and the time for healing, the time for tearing down and the time for building.

He sets the time for sorrow and the time for joy, the time for mourning and the time for dancing, the time for making love and the time for not taking love, the time for kissing and the time for not kissing.

He sets the time for finding and the time for losing, the time for saving and the time for throwing away, the time for tearing and the time for mending, the time for silence and the time for talk.

He sets the time for love and the time for hate, the time for war and the time for peace.

John 6: 63, 65-70

What gives life is GOD’s Spirit; human power is of no use at all.

No people can come to the Son unless the Father makes it possible for them to do so.

Because of this, many of Jesus’ followers turned back and would not go with him any more.

He asked the twelve disciples, ” would you also like to leave?”

Simon Peter answered, “LORD, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life.  And now we believe that you are the Holy One who has come from GOD.”

Jesus replied, ” I choose the twelve of you, Yet one of you is a devil!”

John 7: 16-19

What I teach is not my own teaching, but it comes from GOD, who sent Me.

Whoever is willing to do what GOD wants will know whether I speak on my own authority.

Those who speak on their own authority are trying to gain glory for themselves.  But He who wants glory for the one who sents Him is honest, and there is nothing false in Him.

Moses gave you the Law, but not one of you obeys the law.  Why are you trying to kill Me?

John 7: 28-29, 33-34, 37-38

Do you really know Me and know where I am from?  I have not come on my own authority.  He who sent Me, however, is truthful.

You do not know Him, but I know Him, because I come from Him and He sent Me.

I shall be with you a little while longer, and then I shall go away to Him who sent me.

You will look for me, but you will not find Me, because you cannot go where I will be.

Whoever is thirsty should come to Me, and whoever believes in Me should drink.  As the scripture says,

“Streams of life-giving water will pour out from His side.”

John 8: 12, 18-19

I am the light of the world, whoever follows Me will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness.

I testify on my own behalf, and the Father who sent Me also testifies on my behalf.

You know neither Me nor my Father, if you knew Me, you would know my Father also.

John 8: 23-24, 28-29

You belong to this world here below, but I come from above.  You are from this world but I am not from this world.

You will die in your sins if you do not believe that ‘ I am who I am.’

When you lift up the Son of Man, you will know that I Am Who I Am; then you will know that I do nothing on my own authority, but I say only what the Father has instructed me to say.

And He who sent me is with me; He has not left Me alone, because I always do what pleases Him.

John 8: 31-32, 36

If you obey my teaching, you are really my disciples; you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

If the Son sets you free, you will be really free.

John 10: 9-10

I am the gate,  Those who come in by Me will be saved; they will come in and go out  and find pasture.

I have come in order that you might have life- life in its fullness.

Praised the LORD.


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