The Contents Of The Old And New Testaments…


From the Creation to the Deluge

The Creation. Gen. i. ii. 4..25

The Institution of the Sabbath. Gen. ii. 1..3.

The Fall of Man. Gen. iii.

The History of Adam and his descendants. Gen. iv.

Genealogy of the Patriarchs. Gen. v.

State of the world immediately preceding the deluge. Gen. vi. vii. 1..5.

The Deluge. Gen. vii. 5..24. viii. 1..14.

The Covenant with Noah. Gen. viii. 15..22. ix. 1..17.

Noah prophesies the fate of his sons. Gen. ix. 18..29.


From the Building of Babel to the Exodus.

The building of Babel, confusion of Tongues, and dispersion of mankind.

Gen. xi. 1..10. x. xi. 10..27.

The Life and Trials of Job.  Book of Job.

The Life and Travels of Abraham. Gen. xi. 27..32. xii..xvi. xviii..xx.  xvi.  xxi. xxii. 1..20. xxiii.  xxii. 20..24.  xxiv. xxv. 1..7, 11..29, 7..10.

Transactions from the death of Abraham to the selling of Joseph.

Gen. xxv. 11. xxvi. xxv. 29 to end; xxv. 17, 18. xxvii. xxxiii. xxxviii. 1..6. xxxiv. xxxv. 1..28. xxxvi.

History of Joseph and his family in Egypt.

Gen. xxxvii. xxxix. 1..6. xxxviii. 6..30. xxxix. 7..23. xl. xxxv. 29 xli..xlvii.26.

Death of Jacob and the Patriarchs.

Gen. xlvii. 27..31. xlviii..1.

Oppression of the Israelites by Paraoh.

Ex. i.


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