Long used as a culinary sweeteners, honey, comes from ancient Hebrew that means “enchant.” It has many healing properties. Treatment with honey is referred to as apitherapy.

Honey is made up of simple sugars fructose and glucose. Other ingredients include water, pollen, organic acids, enzymes and various proteins. Many kinds of honey are available. The consistency, fragrance and taste depend on the types of flowers from which bees collect nectar. Honey contains only slight traces of residues from industrial emissions, car exhaust and agricultural chemicals because bees act as a biological filter: they die if they come into contact with toxins and thus do not bring pollutants into the hive.

Applied externally, honey is useful for healing minor cuts and abrasions by drawing excess water from the tissues and reducing swelling. In addition, honey contains a germ killing substance called inhibine, which helps prevent infections. Spread the honey directly on the wound and cover with a sterile bandage.

For upset stomach, honey could ease bloated and cramped feeling by mixing three teaspons of honey over 10 ounces of clear, non-caffeinated beverage you drink.

Honey can also help calm the mind and promote rejuvenating sleep. Put 2 oz of honey in a glass with 5 drops of lavender oil. Add 1 or 2 tbsp. of the honey-lavender mixture to your bathwater to help you relax and combat insomnia.

For relief of coughs and wheezing associated with bronchitis, whooping cough or other minor respiratory ailments, mix 1 tsp. of finely chopped fresh thyme in a little honey. Take the mixture orally as needed to soothe inflammed lungs and airways.

Honey may be a healing treat, but take care when using it as sweetener. Just 1 tbsp. of honey has 64 calories, compared to 46 calories in 1 tbsp. of granulated sugar.


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