If I Have No Love, I Am Nothing

1 Corinthians 13: 1-3, 8

I may be able to speak the language of human beings and even of angels, but if I have no love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell.

I may have the gift of inspired teaching; I may have all knowledge and understand all secrets; I may have all the faith needed to move mountains- but if I have no love, I am nothing.

I may give away everything I have, and even give up my body to be burned- but if I have no love, this does me no good.

Love is eternal.  There are inspired messages, but they are temporary; there are gifts of speaking in strange tongues, but they will cease; there is knowledge, but it will pass.

Philippians 1: 9

I pray that your love will keep on growing more and more, together with true knowledge and perfect judgment, so that you will be able to choose what is best.

Ephesians 3: 14-15

For this reason I fall on my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth receives its true name.

Philippians 3: 13-14

The one thing I do, is to forget what is behind me and do my best to reach what is ahead.

So I run straight toward the goal in order to win the prize, which is GOD’s call through Christ Jesus to the life above.

Hebrews 12: 5-6

“My child, pay attention when the LORD corrects you, and do not be discouraged when He rebukes you.

Because the LORD corrects everyone He loves, and punishes everyone He accepts as a child.”

1 Corinthians 10: 23-24, 31

“We are allowed to do anything,” so they say.  That is true, but not everything is good.  “We are allowed to do anything”- but not everything is helpful.

None of you should be looking out for your own interests but for the interests of others.

Whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do it for GOD’s glory.

2 Corinthians 12: 8-10

Three times I prayed to the LORD about a painful physical ailment and asked Him to take it away.

But His answer was: ” My grace is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak.”

I am most happy, then, to be proud of my weaknesses, in order to feel the protection of Christ’s power over me.

I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and difficulties for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Psalm 119: 33-37, 65-66

Teach me, LORD, the meaning of your laws, and I will obey them at all times.

Explain your law to me, and I will obey it; I will keep it with all my heart.

Keep me obedient to your commandments, because in them I find happiness.

Give me the desire to obey your laws rather than to get rich.

Keep me from paying attention to what is worthless; be good to me as you have promised.

You have kept your promise, LORD, and you are good to me, your servant.

Give me wisdom and knowledge because I trust in your commands.

Psalm 139: 1-6, 13-14

LORD, you have examined me and you know me.

You know everything I do; from far away you understand all my thoughts.

You see me, whether I am working or resting; you know all my actions.

Even before I speak, you already know what I will say.

You are all around me on every side; you protect me with your power.

Your knowledge of me is too deep; it is beyond my understanding.

You created every part of me; you put me together in my mother’s womb.

I praise you because you are to be feared; all you do is strange and wonderful.

I know it with all my heart.

Psalm 145:1-3

I will proclaim your greatness, my GOD and King; I will thank you forever and ever.

The LORD is great and is to be highly praised; His greatness is beyond understanding.

Praised the Lord.



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