Tapping Into The Infinite Source Of Euphoria

You feel euphoria from knowing the unconditional love of God which allows you to live with fearless wonder of the marvels of life.

We are all the perfect manifestation of God, born of His infinite love, goodness and strength.

If you accept this as truth, your life is filled with a glory unlike you have ever experienced. You feel connected to everyone and everything because you know we are all the same. You see the God-light perfection in everyone and everything and you align with that in love.

This is the sparkle in a person’s eyes, and the passion you witness in others’ lives.

Lived honestly and openly without fear of harm and felt totally connected with everything around you.

Shined your God-light without obstruction, laughing, running, jumping, hugging, crying, wondering, exploring with fearless and living euphorically.

Our truth were that we where boundless, that we are perfect.

Our reason and purpose for being were to be a vessel for God’s love and to radiate that love to everyone we touched.

When we live true to our God-light, we experience a sensation like we have never felt before. We feel a sense of aliveness and connectedness that is beyond the limited description of our five senses. We get a tingling in our fingers and toes and waves of goose bumps over our body and a hypersensitive state of being connected to “allness”-all time, all space, all knowing, all love. It brings tears to our eyes because we see such glory and we are so grateful to have the privilege of experiencing the wonders of life. We tap into an infinite power that is truly awesome and overwhelming. To realize that we are of His infinite power is wonderful, humbling, and demands respect.

God is that which no greater can be imagined. What happens when we realize that we are of God, that we are his reflection, that we are that which no greater can be imagined, we become awed by our possibilities. We realize that we can accomplish anything that we can imagine. That is true euphoria.

We live without fear, do what our hearts tell us to do, be who our hearts tells us to be, and best of all, see the God-light in everyone and relate to them on that level. When we do, we live in euphoria and the universe honors the boldness of God’s creation.


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