Good Friday, Reflecting The Passion And Death Of Christ

Good Friday is a somber time. It is the day we venerate Christ’s
passion and death for the salvation of our souls.

In the Scriptures, the heart was the center of a person’s being, the place where you and I are most truly ourselves. This is why the Lord wants us to return to Him with our whole hearts…

He wants us to come to Him as we truly are.
He loves us, no matter what we may have done.
He wants our love in return.

This is the true purpose of Lent. We are to look into ourselves, to turn away from everything that separates us from God, to recognize God’s tremendous love for us, and to return His love.

The penances we do help to keep us aware of God in our lives. Fasting, “giving up” things that we enjoy, charitable acts, and alms giving are traditional ways in which we turn away from sin and towards God.

Our lives are more complicated now. We seem to have busy schedules which call us in many different directions. It is easy for us to move from one activity to another without remembering our most important duty- to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Though God’s ways are mysterious, He has made everything appropriate to its time. We really do have to “slow down and smell the roses.” To discover all the good things the Lord gives us every day. We must try not to get caught up in the negative aspects of life, but to open our hearts and minds to positive.

“Your words have upheld him who was stumbling, and you have strengthened the feeble knees” (Job 4:4)

In the midst of a host of hurting people, each one of us can reach out to become a comforter like Job.

Reach out and give your love to the loveless,

Reach out and make a home for the homeless;

Reach out and shed God’s light in the darkness;

Reach out and let the smile of God touch through you.

God doesn’t comfort us to make us comfortable, but to make us comforters.

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