Reduce Your Calories From Foods

12 Tips to help you regularly reduce calories:

1. Read nutrition labels and choose items lowest in calories.

2. Limit added sugars, added fats and alcohol which all have calories, but not necessary or beneficial nutrients.

3. Fill up fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Avoid fruit juices, regular sodas and sweetened hot drinks like cocoa and lattes.

5. Drink a glass of water before sitting down to eat. This will help you curb your appetite.

6. Remove the skin from poultry, trim extra fat from meat, and avoid breaded foods.

7. Beware of sauces and dressings, many of which are high in calories.

8. Check portion sizes. Serving sizes given on nutrition labels are often smaller than people actually eat at one sitting.

9. Drink lots of water. Many people feel hungry when they’re really thirsty.

10. Serve food on smaller plates and don’t go back for seconds.

11. Avoid frying foods. Steam, bake, roast, grill or microwave them.

12. Manage your stress so you can focus on your goals andavoid food binges.

Below is the Life Balance Pyramid.  Use all levels of the pyramid to help you restore a sense of well-being and balance in your life…


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