Things To Know About Tornados

Tornados are most likely to occur between 3 and 9 P.M., but they can happen any time of the day.

It occurred in every state, but are most likely to occur east of the Rockies during the spring and summer months.

Tornados results in an average of 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries per year.

A tornado watch means conditions are favorable for tornados; go to or stay in a safe area and listen for news, news reports, or other indications of a tornado emergency. A tornado warning means a Tornado has been spotted. Seek shelter immediately.

Quick response and practice drills are important safety measures.

If you are in a mobile home, a motor vehicle, or outside, it is safest to find a ditch or low area in which to lie.

If you are inside a building, go to the basement or lowest floor, choose a room without windows, get under sturdy furniture and protect yourself with pilows or blankets.


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