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Mr. Willy  E. Arcilla spent 22 years of working around the Asia-Pacific region for various multinationals and Philippine firms engaged in the FMCG industry. He holds a B.S.Business Administration degree from U.P. College of Business Administration and an M.S. Industrial Economics degree from the University of Asia-Pacific-Center for Research & Comminication. He wrote an article titled “A Nation Run Like Heaven By Filipinos” where he suggested to adopt it as our Vission and Mission or our cause to aspire for it. Here are his 20 ideas:

1. Lead by example. Practice what you preach and walk the talk. Lead yourself then others will follow, whether you’re a head of state or the head of a family.

2. Keep your promises. To your children, your spouse, your parents, relatives and friends. To your workers and colleagues, peers and students. To your customers and suppliers. To shareholders and partners. Most of all, to yourself and to God.

3. Promote a culture of excellence and not excuses across all sectors of society. Drive revenues to grow the total pie, whether it’s the GNP, your company sales or HH income. Cut costs. Conserve cash. Be innovative. Competitive. World-Class.

4. Work harder, faster and smarter. Live the Olympic spirit of “Faster, Higher, Stronger” in whatever you do. Speed is the essence of war. Cut the bureaucracy in government and the private sector, manifested in inertia, resistance to change, lack of inventiveness and a Not Invented Here syndrome. Practice self-discipline.

5. Live for others. Love others as you love yourself. The key to your personal success is in helping others attain success. Don’t be obsessed with leaving a legacy for yourself whether you’re in public office or the private sector. Think of your consituents, co-workers, family and they will remember you for all eternity.

6. Live a work-life balance. Live healthy active lifestyles. Eat a balanced diet. Quit smoking. Drink moderately. Exercise regularly. Men sana en corpore sano. (A sound mind in a sound body). All work and no play makes Juan a dull boy.

7. Raise educational standards. Pay schoolteachers more for their heroism. Master Math & Science. Study Engineering & Technology. Read. Raise English proficiency. Learn Mandarin. Teach the right values at home and at school; at work and at play. What value is education without an education in values?

8. Fight Filipino countervalues. Ningas Cogon. Bahala Na. Pwede Na Yan. Bukas Na Lang. Chismis. Anti-Filipino Crab Mentality. Pro-Foreigner Colonial Mentality.

9. Be tidy and orderly. Cleanliness is godliness. Don’t litter. CLAYGO-Clean as you go. Dispose of your garbage properly. Practice good hygiene and sanitation.

10. Preserve the environment. Reduce. Reuse. Use 2 sides of a sheet of paper. Save our trees. Plant more trees. Save our seas. Clean our rivers. Protect our endangered fauna. Use less of all 3 utilities- electricity, fuel and water.

11. Stop graft and corruption. Both in the public and private sectors. Do not bribe, steal, cheat or lie, nor tolerate anyone who does. Return what you have taken illegally or “by mistake”. There is no forgiveness without restitution. Then go to confession. Children must admonish their own parents who commit wrongdoing. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but suffer the loss of his soul?

12. Be thrifty. Delay gratification. Spend less. Save more. Invest. Waste nothing. Be frugal with yourself-but not with the poor, your employees or househelp.

13. Fight poverty. Raise wages and salaries. Poor workers are poor consumers. Share your profits. Workers who are part-owners are more productive. They will drive revenues & cut costs. Pay the right taxes. Share your wealth. Less for self. More for others. Enough for all. Count your blessings-Share your blessings. BOGO- Not Buy One, Get One, but Buy One, Give One- on Food, Clothing, Education and Shelter. If you buy lunch, give 1 happy meal to a street child. If you send your own child to school, sponsor the education of a poor child via World Vision ( 1 child for P450 per mo). Jesus Christ said, “Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me”.

14. Vanquish the vices. Alcoholism, Smoking, Drug Abuse, Gambling, Prostitution.

15. Stop violence. Ban guns. Ban weapons. Ban fighting-both physical & verbal. Starting with domestic violence and government leaders’ internal squabbles. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth leaves a blind and toothless nation. Put an ends to the extrajudicial killings, the NPA insurgency and Moslem secessionist movement. If Jesus Christ forgave his persecutors, how can we not do the same?

16. Stop sexual immorality. Indecency and Nudity. Licentiousness and Salacious Behavior, Flirtatiousness and Promiscuity, Fornication and Adultery, and Infidelity.

17. Promote responsible parenthood. Help mend broken families. Scorn annulments and separations. If you think you can’t pay for a child’s education, delay marriage. Use natural family planning only. Abstain. Take cold showers.

18. Overcome Pride. The original sin of Adam and Eve and cause of Lucifer’s downfall. Manifested in selfishness and hubris, greed and avarice. Swallow your pride, it’s not-fattening anyway. As our Lord said, “He who is first shall be last.”

19. Be Pro-Filipino. Be pro-Administration & pro-Opposition. Pro-poor & pro-rich. Pro-Catholic & pro-Protestant. Pro-Christian & Pro-Moslem. Pro-Tagalog and Pro-Bisaya. Because we are one nation indivisible and a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Fly our flag at work and at home. Sing our national anthem.

20. Stay cheerful. Not pretentiously happy, but anchored on a deep personal relationship with God and a strong faith in His power that we will overcome.

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