The 6-schiling stamp on this First Day Cover was issued on November 17, 1978 by the Republic of Austria. It commemorates the musical genius of Frans Schubert in the 150th year since his death.

Regarded as one of the world’s foremost composers, Schubert began writing music at thea ge of thirteen.  He composed his first symphony at sixteen.  His works encompass a great variety of musical forms, but his primary interest was the voice.  It was for this human instrument that Schubert created his greatest legacy- more than 600 songs, including the matchless “Ave Maria”.

Austria has historically been a center of musical culture.  The classical composers Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Wagner were all born there or made it their home.  Johann Strauss, Jr., in his world-famous waltzes, praised his country’s scenic beauty in “The Beautiful Blue Danube” and “Tales of the Vienna Woods”.

Almost three quarters of Austria is covered by the Alps mountain range, which attracts crowds of winter sports enthusiasts and provides a wealth of natural resources, including lead, graphite, gypsum and lignite, which is used in the manufacture of coke and natural gas.  The country is heavily industrial, and the Danube River, in addition to its scenic beauty, is one of Europe’s major commerical waterways.  Chief manufactured products include iron, steel, locomotives, machine tools, ball bearings, leather goods, musical instruments and toys.

Since 1955, when Austria joined the United Nations and officialy became a neutral country, it has devoted itself to economic development and the nurturing of the arts through government subsidies.  The summer music festival at Salzburg and other cultural attractions, in addition to winter sports on the slopes of the magnificent Alps, bring over seven million tourists a year to Austria.


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