Charlotte began work at Howell’s in 1976 as a Developmental Care Technician.  In 1979, she became a Physical Therapy Technician and moved on to become the Developmental Care Supervisor on the Green Unit at RHA Howell Bear Creek.  Her leadership and ability to work with other staff helped to ensure quality care for the service users.  In July 2005, Charlotte left Bear Creek to head up a new program at RHA Howell’s.   Magnolia Place provides residential supports to 38 people who participate in a very successful vocational program sponsored by the Eastern Regional Vocational Rehabilitation Facility (VR) in Goldsboro.  VR services focuses on improving the vocational skills of the participants, but Magnolia Place’s objective is to improve the daily living skills, as the participants reside there.  Charlotte serves as the Residential Director and works with the individuals on a variety of daily living skills such as personal responsibilities, conflict resolution, anger, time and stress management, respect for self and others and many other areas.  Her enthusiasm, professionalism and ability to work with individuals with various challenges have lead to many successful transitions of these individuals back into their communities. Charlotte is able to work with some of the most challenging individuals all while remaining calm in stressful situations.  She takes her work seriously, but maintains a wonderful sense of humor.  She is and always has been a strong advocate for those we support.  Charlotte’s attitude and willingness to give her best effort has truly contributed to the success of the programs.  She has always worked diligently with the clients to enable their physical strengths to be all they can be.  Her interactions with the clients reflect her love for them.  Charlotte received her Nursing Assistant Certification, Physical Therapy Modalities Certificate, CPR Instructor Certification, and EMT, which provides her the knowledge and skills to work with the LaGrange Rescue Squad and enables her to travel with the clients in the ambulance making trips to the hospital less stress for both the individual and the rescue staff.


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